Arabis holboellii – Holboell’s rockcress

This extremely hardy species establishes and spreads readily.  It’s a honey bee favorite, with a tall stalk of white flowers and ample nectar.  It produces unique tassel-like seed pods that sway in the wind all summer and then fall to the ground in the winter, where they grow into plants the following spring.    Like many mustards, its somewhat spicy leaves can be eaten and used in salads.  (biennial / plant fall, winter, or spring)
Holboell's_Rockcress arahol Arabis Germinant Arabis Early Growth
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Arabis holboellii
Arabis holboellii
Genus species: Arabis holboellii
Common name: Holboell's rockcress
Price: $3.99 per packet
Arabis Mature Vegetation