Why Native?

Camas bulbs

Whether your project includes hundreds of acres or just your backyard, it’s important to take a minute and think about the benefits that native seeds provide.

In general, native refers to any plants that were here before European expansion into the western U.S. began in the early 1700’s.  In other words, native plants evolved over millennia in the windy, harsh, variable conditions of the West.

This list could go on forever…so we whittled it down to our favorites:
– lower water use (60% of water use in the West is for lawns!)
– more nectar for bees and birds
– more food for birds (insects and seeds)
– increased plant survival
– reduced water contamination from fertilizers and pesticides
– enhanced wildlife habitat (for birds, bugs and everybody else)
– reduced use of petroleum products
– unique to your location
– they are beautiful!

We grow and harvest all our seeds on our farm in western Montana.  We established our fields with seed we collected from healthy, wild plant populations. Our meticulous collection protocol ensured we were collecting seeds that contained representative levels of the genetic diversity found in those wild populations. These wild origins are preserved through growing techniques and harvesting methods aimed at maintaining their natural resiliency and wild traits.  Native Ideals also works to ensure a representative sample of the genetic material of our native species is retained and passed on to your project. By using wild genetic stock to establish our fields, we are providing the most appropriate and adapted product for your restoration or landscaping needs while reducing pressure on wild plant populations.


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