Antennaria microphylla – rosy pussytoes

A robust groundcover with sage-colored wooly leaves.  This species persists even in disturbed, weedy, or over-grazed sites, a testament to its durability.  Its delicate white flowers may be subtle to us but many pollinators, ranging from native solitary bees to ants love them.  Traditionally, native peoples used these plants in ceremonies and to treat colds and coughs.  It will tolerate extra water and some shade, especially if the soils are well-drained (perennial / plant fall, winter, or spring)
Rosy_Pussytoes antmil.text Antennaria Germinant Antennaria Early Growth
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Antennaria microphylla
Antennaria microphylla
Genus species: Antennaria microphylla
Common name: rosy pussytoes
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Antennaria Mature Growth