Low Maintenance Mix

Native Wildflower Seed Mix (covers 100 square feet)

Arabis holboellii

Clarkia pulchellaOenothera villosaPenstemon procerusGrindelia squarrosa

This Mix Includes:

Growing Tips for your Native Seeds:

  • Pick a site that has full sun to partial shade and has good drainage;
  • Your site should be weed free and have open space for your seeds to have good contact with the soil;
  • Thoroughly mix your seed packet with 10-12 cups of sand;
  • Broadcast your sand/seed mixture over your prepared site in late fall to early spring (Octoberish – March);
  • Don’t cover;
  • No water or additional nutrients necessary;
  • You can see pictures of what your seeds will look like when they germinate by clicking the picture above or the name to the left